High Street Auditing

High Street Auditing

Auditing A Florist Operation









The essential service a florist provides is to provide flower arrangement that are appropriate for the purpose for which they are intended.

Flowers for weddings should be lavish, funerals sober and special occasions like birthday bright and cheerful. So when it come to auditing a florist operation you should check everything from suppliers to storage facilities, to staff creativity to the ambience of the florist’s shop, particularly any florist Preston Adams may put forward for audit.

The style of bouquets, freshness of blooms, presentation of arrangements and the friendliness of shop staff all play their part in the success of a good florist business.

Take particular care when using auditing software because florists within supermarkets because they have longer supply chains and are more likely to have issues regarding how long their flowers will stay fresh for after the customer has purchased them.


Evolving Our Streetscape

Our modern built environment with its ever increasing friendly user ergonomics is leading the way in the provision of recreation, convenient amenities and cultural artifacts.

The changing population offers challenges and opportunities to those involved in the evolution of the built environment including the streetscape.

One area where this can be seen to great effect is in the diversity of choice in street furniture and in particular street benches. Street furniture manufacturers have achieved this by concentrating on
improving facets of design like:

  • Products which are sympathetic to urban habitats
  • Anticipating the needs of various age profiles
  • Providing more rugged and durable materials and construction techniques
  • Offering a wide a choice between both traditional and contemporary aesthetics